Fit Tenis

Fit Tenis er et nytt treningskonsept i regi av Oslo Tennisklubb. Vi starter med å introdusere konseptet i voksenkursene, men det vil også etterhvert bli introdusert for eldre barn.

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  • FIT Tenis or Fitness Instructional Tenis is a new modern concept of tennis training.
  • It is a mixture of tennis drills, fitness workout and strength exercises all done on the tennis court.
  • It’s a new social activity for people of any age, any tennis and fitness/strength abilities who want to improve their tennis skills, get the body in shape and also burn more calories than in any other tennis concepts.
  • 3 to 6 players of any level on the court working out at the same time


  • Looking to improve your tennis technique ?
  • Looking to burn some calories ?
  • Looking for a great workout in a social environment ?
  • Looking to get in shape and have fun ?
  • Looking to do it ALL at the same time and the same place ?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then FIT TENIS is for you.

In this ultimate tennis and fitness workout on the tennis court you will improve:

On the tennis station your tennis skills by hitting over 100 balls in one session with coaches instructions.

On the fitness station your fitness abilities, footwork, speed, flexibility, agility, plus you burn more calories then in any other tennis training.

On the strength station your strength and your body shape like you would workout in the gym.

FIT TENIS is a mix of tennis drills, fitness workout and strength exercises all mixed into one training session.